Backup to external usb hard drive with QNAP Nas not working

ERROR CODE / Problem

# You notice that the files being backed up on external hard drive are not up to date
# You receive a email from the notification system from the NAS drive stating
Level: Error
[External Drive] Job Administration-->Administration failed: All folder pairs are invalid!
he synchronization of ExternalDrive job [Administration-->Administration] stopped with errors.
Error message: All folder pairs are invalid!
Please check the logs for more detail.

# You notice that the drive has invalid folder pairs


These issues are commonly caused by the following
# Using a non configured external hard drive  that does not have all of the folder pairs required
# A faulty external hard drive
# External hard drive not being detected as it may require power off then on again / unplug then plug


Step 1
# Log in to your qnap
# Open a internet browser and navigate to your qnap device
# Typically if Onsite2u have set it up the link will be
# Click on Administration
# Typically if Onsite2u have set it up the log in details will be
username: admin
password: Onsite2u1!
# If this does not work use the default username and password
username: admin
password: admin

# Once logged in go to Backup across the left hand side
# In the backup section on the left once it has expanded go to External Drive 
# In the status column it should have a Play Icon which will resume backups in the case of failure
# If hitting the play button does not work and reach 100% on the synchronize stage, please call our support number below


Contact our tech support team on 1800 657 480

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